New and Improved Website + Updates

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Hello again, everybody!

We are so proud to announce that our new and improved website will be re-launching very, VERY soon! Our website had some issues for several years now and we are HARD at work cleaning it up and making it so much more user friendly.

My granddaughter-in-law (basically just my granddaughter) has helped me fully transform this website and I am so grateful for all of her hard work. If you are like me, who was solely on Etsy for a while and either: 1. don’t have a website or 2. have a website that was extremely hard to keep up (like me), my granddaughter offers her services to make/fix up your website if you are interested. Please contact me if you are interested in hiring her for either a “one and done” to create your website and show you the ropes, OR, as a permanent employee to constantly keep up your website, (add listings, edit listings, edit pages, etc.) Just let me know and I will give you her information!

Some updates about Seams Original are: we have recently seen the tragic turn Etsy decided to take with allowing non-homemade items to be posted and sold on their site. This really kicks off truly handmade businesses (like us here at Seams Original), off of their site. We wanted to fully upgrade our website to also help us remain affordable to our loyal customers as Etsy continues to raise fees for not only the businesses, but the customers too. Some more about us is that my husband, granddaughter, and I have been hard at work making new products, updating our website and social media, and staying in touch with our loyal customers.

We appreciate you all so dearly and you are what makes Seams Original, Seams Original.

Thank you all for everything that you do to help us stay up and running!

-All 3 members of Seams Original.


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