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Custom Home Decor ~

Custom items are truly special. When an object is handmade, there is such a feeling of connection with the person that created it and the person receiving it. When I make custom home decor items, i.e. a valance, I think about the person that I am making it for while I work on it. Some of the things I think about are: where they may be using it, what drew them to this specific fabric, and how lucky I am that they decided to support a small business.

I always make sure that I am careful cutting the fabric to assure it is the most pleasing cut of the design possible. I try my hardest to make all the stitches straight, even, and just as perfect as possible! If there is more than one, I use the same cut to make sure they all look identical. I carefully press, package, add some creativity to each box, and then mail it out to you!

I always say that I am my own worst critic! If a seam is not straight, if the measurements are not correct, if the item falls apart, I will always start over. I will never say, “… well, that’s good enough.”

Compared to mass produced valances, the lining fabric I use is professional, not cotton muslin. I miter the corners and add a casing for a curtain rod. I NEVER fold over the fabric. When the fabric is folded over for the casing, it becomes bulky and you can see the folded over print through the fabric. I take pride in making custom home decor items and act as if each order is for myself to assure that you receive the best quality items.

The best part of the custom process is finding the perfect fabric for each clients home. Matching the colors and designs, picking old prints or soft colors, doing beautiful cuts… and once I know what direction to go in, I like to offer several choices.

As I continue on my journey, I want to speak with each one of you and make items for your home that will be enjoyed for countless years.

Please let me know what is important to you and how I can help make your house a home!

-Cheri Lynch, owner and founder of Seams Original.

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