Meet The Team!

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Hello, all!

In the spirit of updating our website we wanted to take a minute to introduce you to the team behind Seams Original, (it isn’t very many of us)!

As you may know, Seams Original was solely started with just me, Cheri. But as we got busier and busier, my husband joined in and now works with me full-time (unfortunately for him, haha!) So, let’s take a second to appreciate all that my husband does and also meet our newest team member!

Brian – My husband, Brian, helps me cut and measure out all of the fabrics, package all of our orders, tidy up our very hectic workspace, organize fabrics, and even goes down to the postal office everyday to drop off the packages! He even makes me tea, too! How lucky am I?!

Tina – My granddaughter-in-law, Tina, is a very recent addition to our little team! She now helps me run my website completely, adds listings, keeps up with inventory, creates social medias and updates them, solely runs all of Seams Original’s online presence, and much more! She even offers her services to anyone who may need help with these things. Reach out to us if you’d like to get in touch with her!

And then there’s me, Cheri, creator and founder, which you already knew!

With our tiny team of three, we sure do work hard and try our hardest to make every single order as perfect and personable as we can. We are a small, family ran business and we cannot thank our loyal customers enough. Thank you!

-Cheri, Brian, and Tina (The Seams Original Team)

  1. Cheri Lynch

    Thank you Tina for all your hard work! You have become such a treasured asset to our team (and family). We are blessed to have you in our crazy Seams Original world!! XO

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